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Food, glorious food ...

I made gnocchi from scratch on Wednesday, with a simple cabonara sauce. I think they could do with some work; maybe a touch of garlic, or cheese, or herbs in the gnocchi - but I can always make them again.

I've been thinking a lot about food, and about different dietary restrictions, and how to make food awesome. Steve's lactose intolerant, and needs lots of carbs. I need a minimum of carbs (or at least, a controlled amount). Mum (who I'd like to have over for food more often) is gluten intolerant, and Dad hates 'fancy' food. My brother can be fairly adventurous, but needs to be talked into it, and occasionally needs to be dairy-free, depending on his health. Another friend is allergic to sesame.

Cooking for the range of tastes and requirements can be a challenge. One-pot meals, like the risotto I made the other night, are sometimes chancy affairs, since each individual serve can't really be tweaked all that much.

It's all good fun.

This weekend, I want to make bread. Not sure what, yet - we'll see.
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