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Still breathing ...

Notes from the last howeverlong:

- Left old job, have new job. It's going well.
- New job is busy. Working lots. Major deadlines, etc. Awesome people. Halfway alright coffee.
- http://bluehackers.org - website for hackers who've dealt with depression just launched. Awesome.
- google diversity for lca thingy - considering applying, but can i get the time off work? stay tuned.
- aircon at work is broken, but there is beer in the fridge.
- head is better. I feel better than I have since sept last year, if a little tired right now. Maybe next year I'll be off the drugs.
- need new glasses
- might be a uq posterchild. Very cool.
- going to RoR Brigade tonight, like I've been meaning to do for a year or so.
- need a holiday, plz.

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