elspeth (aiofe) wrote,

Another year on the progress meter ....

Last year was awesome and suck at the same time.

The suck was falling victim to severe depression and anxiety. The awesome was dealing with that (mostly). The suck was one job ending. The awesome was another job starting.

Many other things happened.

This year, I intend to
- Achieve some body-based goals
- learn to play clarinet, and hopefully do at least 1 exam
- go overseas at least once
- go to the granite belt for a holiday
- get more active in the brisbane rails brigade, and do better at humbug
- get at least one more corset
- go to melbourne twice
- be less anxious and depressed than I was last year
- look into doing a masters or phd part-time, probably in maths or computational science.

Creativity, meetings, and travel. Sounds like a good mix.
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