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Cooking and such

I've been cooking lately. Last week, for instance, I cooked the following never-before-tried things:
- risotto with pine nuts, chicken and baby spinach
- chicken satay sticks (I cheated and bought the satay sauce)
- plum sorbet
- dark chocolate and orange sorbet
- fresh asaparagas spears sauteed in garlic and butter
- poached eggs in a saucepan
- gnocchi! by hand! from scratch!

I've cooked the following things I've cooked before:
- german grain bread (in the breadmaker, again with the cheating)
- cheese souffle
- thai green curry with coconut rice
- plum lamb stirfry with fresh veges and noodles
- cabonara sauce
- lemon and pistachio biscotti

This week I'm going to try to make raspberry frozen yoghurt, mint sorbet, and maybe lemon sorbet and possibly vanilla bean gelato if I'm feeling up to it. I also want to make a penang curry, something indian, better gnocchi, maybe ravioli, more bread and anzac biccies of course. I've decided for the forseeable future, if I want frozen goodies (eg, icecream) I will make them from scratch, myself. I think this is a good way to cut back my consumption of such things, as well as learning all sorts of wonderful stuff.

I enjoy good food. It makes the day far more interesting when I can enjoy what I eat so much more.
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