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July: month of colossal SUCK

What's happened so far, this month:
- 10 days not being able to eat
- Jerub's work burned down
- got that flu and spent a week on the couch
- had the real estate agent bitch me out for something I was unaware of
- dropped my laptop, which broke it
- I've seen nearly every sunrise, due to a vast change in sleeping patterns, which haven't settled down yet

So 3 weeks of this month have been chockers of suck and lose.

I suppose it can only go up from here. And I have been handling all the various dramas with rather more than my usual grace, which I guess is good.


All I want right now is a boring, uneventful, no-drama week. A holiday, if you like, from this cruft. Where I can work in peace without something crappy happening.

Oh, and I've got work deadlines, which have slipped chronic, because I've been too sick to work most of this month. And that's doing terribly interesting thing to finances.

Right now I want someone warm and comfortable to curl up with for a week or two until I feel better.
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... Wow. That's one enormous mountain of suck.

Yeah. I mean, some really good things have happened this month ... they're just kind of overpowered by the massive suckage. Sigh.

Yeah- so jerub was working from home for a week and a half. Was ... interesting. Now he's working in the new office, which is nowhere near the old office. Sigh.

there there, just ask and hugs will be given.

it may suck now, but isnt it you who tells me "it could be worse"

Yeah, I know - and awesome stuff has happened this month. I'm just so worn out by all the drama though :( Makes it hard to keep a stiff upper lip, so to speak.
sunrises are over-rated. as is any time before 10. (4:40am? fucking SUCKS).
I'm with you on that one. You know, if i had a choice ...