elspeth (aiofe) wrote,

It has been a while.

A quick precis of this month:
- Jerub incremented, and there were awesome visitors
- EKKA!!!! Now we have a full wine shelf :D Considering the next holiday being to the granite belt or gold coast hinterland ...
- I did my tax and my finances - savings > debt by the end of this week, I think. Hooray!
- Jerub got sick
- I got sick (I'm almost better)
- Jerub is sick again
- work has deadlines
- 3 more of my friends are pregnant - it is totally going around.
- I think I volunteered to help run LCA2010, should we win the bid
- I cleaned out the garage, only to have the remote run out of batteries

It's been a full month. Less suck than July. Although I could have lived without the sick. Lost my voice, sinus infection, sore throat, cough, blah. I can't take OTC drugs for anything, just about (allergies, etc), so now I have a controlled drug to take, which is kind of cool (sounds cooler than what it actually is, though).

I've rediscovered lemon and ginger tea with honey. MMmmmmmmmmm.

I've had many awesome and cool friends drop around to keep me company, cheer me up, and adminster hugs. I love you guys :) Thank you so much! You are all full of win.

I need new glasses. These frames are reaching the end of their usable lifespan - a record 4 years.

I am in love with living on the southside again. I have a view, everything's nearby, I can walk places, the busway is awesome, and the traffic noise is soooo much less. I've found two good cafes, but I'm always open to more suggestions :) I am loving having 8 supermarkets in a 10min radius, including an IGA that stocks jolt in multiple flavours. We've found fantastic thai and indian resturants, which have been awesome when we've been sick.

Admittedly, my neighbours are totally fail. Hopefully that's going to be resolved soon, though.

I bought myself a new winter jacket, since my old one died. It's sexy and warm. I need new jeans though.

The Ekka was AWESOME. I should consider competing with chocolate fudge, white bread, and a couple other things, though. I mean, geez, that's the best we can do? That sucks. And hey, I might win something. Also, rides. They are SO MUCH BETTER when I can see what is going on. Yay for contact lenses! Although I did acquire some bruises in fascinating places - no, you can't have a look :P

I'm awake at a truly ungodly hour. Stupid coughing waking me up. Still, I should e going back to sleep shortly, and it has improved greatly from say, thursday.

This week is looking up. Work deadlines, money, seeing Dad and maybe Mum and my brother this week, as well as awesome friends - I can't wait :) BRING IT ON.
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Ha! I read that as "joints in multiple flavours"!.
if it makes you feel better about being up at 4:40, i have to do it for 8 days out of every 14. and i don't get back to bed until about 7:30 that evening....
Not so much - I've been getting to bed at midnight (or so) most nights. With luck things will get better soon.
South where? It's not like I know the whole south, but I always loved living there.
Greenslopes, just near juliette and cornwall sts. It's wonderful :)