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aiofe's Journal

I'm a 27 year old engineer, with a Bachelor's in Engineering, majoring in Software.

I quit my job as a UQ researcher, I was in the Australian Computational Earth Systems Simulator as a Computational Scientist. Huge, kickass computers and Python rock :)

I'm most recently worked for the QLD Government as a Test Automation Analyst, on a fairly large project. It was good fun, but it came to an end.

I'm working in a startup company, doing ruby on rails development, testing, documentation, design ... bit of a jill-of-all-trades. It's interesting work, esp as I work from home most days a week; I'm down the gold coast other days.

I'm Christian, not rabidly so (good thing since most of my friends are pagans/aetheists/agnostics). I love chocolate, coffee, icecream, and computers. I've recently discovered knitting and spinning as enjoyable pastimes, now that I have time for hobbies.
I'm happily married to a wonderful man, and hope to be dancing at my 50th wedding anniversay. 6 down, 44 to go.

I've taken up gymnastics recently. It's currently owning my ass bigtime. I'm hoping to become significantly fitter and more flexible, and if I keep with it, I think that will certainly happen. I can already touch my toes a lot easier, and I'm working my way towards a handstand :)